You'll sometimes see this book with a green cover--it was never sold that way because
the original cover
was changed before AFTER DARKE
was released.
Romantic Times Book Club Award Best Temptation
The infamous skirt books. These featured a black skirt that made its wearer irresistble to men. There are nine books in all. The others were written by Kristen Gabriel and Cara Summers.
Lone Star Santa
Sugar and Spikes
Behind Closed Doors
Personal Relations
Winner CataRomance best Temptation of 2005
#2 - Cooper's Corner continuity series
Project Pregnancy series
#7 - Heart of the West continuity series
January 2000
Romantic Times Award
Best Harlequin Romance
RWA RITA Finalist
Tempted in Texas
Skirting the Issue
Male Call
How to be the Perfect Girlfriend
Can't Buy Me Love
Since category or series romances are sold in stores for just one month, your best bet for finding older books is to check AMAZON or BARNES&NOBLE. The Harlequin site also sells a limited backlist or you can try your favorite new/used bookstore. Mine is Katy Budget Books, in Katy, Texas.
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June 2005 saw the end of the Temptation line. All four books that month feature the friends and owners of a bar named "Temptation" and the direction life takes them when the bar closes.
Heather's backlist
First online at eHarlequin in 2003, this is the story of Mitch and Emily and their revealing experiences with a trading spaces-type home makeover show. You can read it on the Mills&Boon website. I can't link directly to the story, so scroll down until you find DESIGNER SEX.
The Rancher and the Rich Girl
The Paternity Plan
The Motherhood Campaign
The Ghost Hooker book
A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS is available as an Audio Book